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Leading businesses get their best leads by tapping relationships of employees

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Tap relationships of employees to generate leads which close 4X more at 20% the cost is the first and only platform which makes it easy, quick, fun for your business' employees to help you generate leads. As a salesperson, dozens of the warmest possible leads will simply appear in your CRM.

+90% of employees upload their contacts

Employees upload a highly valuable list of contacts which is already public - their LinkedIn contacts. accompanies them which makes uploading fast and means that +90% of employees upload their contacts. Our AI system then filters the contacts using criteria you provide to identify potential buyers.

It's Easy and Quick For Employees To Warm Up Leads 

Employees receive prompts from which help them reconnect with their contacts. These prompts are designed to be quick and easy. We include text which the employees can use, contact information of their contacts and AI-driven research.

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It's Fun For Employees To Warm Up Leads 

+90% of employees who upload their contacts then reach out to their contacts every week.'s fun reward program gives them serendipitous prizes when they reconnect with their contacts. We also provide coaching  and leverage the fact almost everyone loves reconnecting with old friends.

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Warm Leads Show Up In Your CRM

After employees have warmed up the relationships for you, leads show up in your CRM so you can reach out and sell. Leads who know and trust your employees close 4X more and your employees will have already committed to make an introduction to sales. Bonus: we'll find buy signals which you can use to know it's the right time to reach out.

Quickly get warm leads

Accelerate growth by selling to people who already trust your employees

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