Leading businesses use Dedicated.ai

Sell faster to the thousands of buyers your employees already know

Your average employee knows 60+ buyers

Get tousands of sales meeting by making it easy for employees to reach out to their contacts

Employees receive outreach ideas in their inbox. These outreach ideas make it easy for your team to connect with each of their contacts.

Make it easy for your team to engage their contacts in 5 mins or less

Dedicated.ai writes text employees can send, identifies news and finds each contact’s email address

Align your entire team by creating a growth culture in your business

Design a reward program to motivate your team. Our tools enable you to manage rewards in a manner which is proven to get your entire team excited about the business' growth.

Increase engagement +600% by sending $10 to employees every time a lead responds

Leading businesses use Dedicated.ai

Jon Iwata

Chief Marketing Officer at IBM

Rishad Tobacowalla Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe

Quickly get 25% more revenue

Accelerate growth by tapping into your #1 asset - your people.

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