You've Earned Your First Badge.


How to Add Your New Badge to your LinkedIn Profile

To add a certification:

  1. Click the  Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Click View profile.

  3. If you've previously added a certificate, scroll down to the Licenses and Certifications section and click  Add.

    • If you've never added a certification, you'll first want to add a Licenses and Certifications section. On your profile page click Add new profile section in your introduction card. Under the Background dropdown, click the  Add icon next to Licenses and Certifications.

  4. From here you can enter the name and company as it appears in the image.​

  5. Please put the month of completion as the Issue Date and check the box stating that the certification does not expire.

  6. Then you can add the URL in the instructions below.

1) Right-click on the image to the left and select "copy image address"

2) Paste the address into the Credential URL field inside of the "Add licenses & certifications" window

3) Press Save! 

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