25% more leads without any new salespeople

Leverage the LinkedIn networks of employees to get meetings with hundreds of prospective clients

Dedicated.ai is used by leading firms


Employees receive pre-packaged ways to reach out to each potential client in their network

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How Dedicated.ai works


Employees upload their LinkedIn contacts

Each employee uploads their contacts from LinkedIn. Dedicated.ai filters their contacts down to only potential clients and only people your employees actually know.


Artificial Intelligence creates easy ways for employees to reach out to each potential client in their network

Our AI system does research to find opportunities for employees to reach out. We then write 1 opportunity per week for each employee which we display in a Control Panel.


Send pre-packaged outreach opportunities to your employees via email

Your sales team reviews and edits the opportunities we drafted. Then send the opportunities to each employee via email.

Tap into the thousands of leads your employees already know

"Our people are our best resource. The potential clients they already know have become our best sales leads in a manner I never saw coming."


Joe Reinstein

Chief Growth Officer