Get 25% more leads without any new salespeople

Leverage the contacts of your non-sales employees to get meetings with prospective clients. has helped leading firms set up over 140,000 client meetings via the networks of their non-sales employees.


Employees upload their list of contacts. Then you  send them 1 recommendation every week.

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Map out who your employees know.


Each staff member uploads their contacts from LinkedIn or Outlook. Then we filter the contacts to identify potential clients and find people your staff actually know.


02 creates 1 recommendation per week.

Our AI system does research to find opportunities for employees to reach out to their contacts. We then write 1 recommendation per week for each employee which we display in a Control Panel.


You send recommendations to employees via email.

Your sales team reviews and edits the recommendations. Then send the recommendations to each employee via email.


Calculate how much your employees' contacts are worth.

Number of Director or VP+ staff in your business unit

100 Director or VP+ staff

Revenue generated by a client over their lifetime

$4 million
$16,000,000 of new business

Unlock the revenue from your employees' networks.

"Our people are our best resource. The potential clients they already know have become our best sales opportunities in a manner I never saw coming."

Joe Reinstein

Chief Growth Officer