Discover your best LinkedIn contacts

Free tool filters your LinkedIn contacts down to only potential clients

How our free filter works (takes 5 mins)​

You upload LinkedIn contacts

We filter to only potential clients

We email you a spreadsheet

We delete your contacts from our system

"Knowing who the execs at my firm are connected to enabled me to invite over 100 buyers to a webinar and generate dozens of sales conversations."

Tracey Barber

Global Head of Brand
The Brooklyn Brothers

Discover the sales leads you already know


How much does it cost?

Nothing. This is a free tool.

How do you know what's a client for my business?

You flag 5 people when you upload your contacts. We use this to create a look-alike filter.

What's in it for

Call us if you need help activating your employees' contacts.

How do I export my list of contacts from LinkedIn?

This is a simple operation. Here are instructions on how to export your LinkedIn contacts.

How many contacts can I analyze?

You​ can analyze contacts from up to 4 employees. There's no limit to the number of contacts per employee.

Do you need my LinkedIn credentials?

No. We don't need any access to your LinkedIn. All you send to us is a spreadsheet with name, title, company. This is an easy export from LinkedIn.

What happens with my data after I use the tool?

We delete it 1 week after sending you the results.

Do you have access to the emails of my contacts? doesn't record email addresses when you upload your contacts.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes. Here it is.